Services Involved

Friends of Ham, Leeds Leisure

Northern Design Awards 2014 Finalist, Restaurant and Bar Interior Design.

Friends of Ham approached Pure Design Consultancy to assist with the design of the extension and concept development for their bar and charcuterie, an all day dining venue and late night drinking destination.

Operating out of a busy city centre location in Leeds, the brand realised the opportunity to expand and grow their business and to evolve the ‘Fram’ experience.

A concept drawn from the ‘Jamon Bars’ of Spain, the growing London café culture and the craft beer bars of the USA, it introduced a new deli/bar concept to Leeds and, indeed, the UK.

An independent brand full of passion, personality and expert knowledge, they wanted the new design to truly reflect the character of the experience. Whilst the brand already used broad European and café culture influences there was the opportunity to evolve this by focusing more on the connection with the origins of their produce, which is integral to the brand’s tone of voice, as well as service offering.

The overall design puts the produce at the heart of the experience, creating a sense of theatre throughout every customer touch point.

Operationally, the brief was to develop the proposal to provide a flexible, multi-functional space, improve customer flow between the ground floor and basement levels and allow the business to expand their service offering as well as capacity.

The key element in delivering this was the location and functionality of the bar. Being the heart of the venue, this is the beacon of the brand, showcasing the wide range of craft beer, wine and fresh, quality produce. It provides a visual delight at the heart of the action where ham legs are hung from the back counter and the ceiling. A large selection of meat and cheese, local fresh bread and a range of preserves are showcased within the retail display alongside the ham carving area. Certainly a feast for the eyes, as well as for the appetites of all food lovers!

Additional elements, such as the marble slab bar top, oiled oak (which is used throughout), Encaustic tiles, repurposed wine and cheese crate and the reclaimed timber table tops are used together with the more industrial style key clamp fixings to enforce the essence of the traditional charcuterie, combined with the brand personality of Friends of Ham.

Tapping in to the pool of independent, creative talent within Leeds was a hugely important aspect of the project and the details such as the beautiful wall murals (content produced by Known Aim and painted by Posh Fruit) and intricate laser etching (supplied by Duke Studios) adds to the unique character of the space. These details convey the brands messaging, enforcing the provenance, honesty and transparency of the produce as well as showcasing their expert knowledge. The location of each individual piece of artwork was also strategically positioned based on key sightlines (both internally and externally) as well as the overall customer flow of the space.

Externally, the task was to seamlessly join together the two separate shop fronts. Hand painted lettering adds to the artisan nature of the business and a new laser etched oak projection sign was installed, bringing together the internal finishes with the core brand colour palette. Together with a selection of window vinyls, the external scheme has been designed to increase the high street presence of the brand as well as being sympathetic to the building and surrounding street scene.

The result of the design forms a social environment, which celebrates quality produce providing a unique experience, reflecting the passion and character behind the brand.

Work included:

  • Interior Design
  • Store Planning
  • Fixture Design
  • Component Detailing
  • Lighting Design
  • Exterior Signage
  • Design Intent Drawings
  • Local Authority Approvals
  • Site Surveys
  • Project Management support to the client throughout the build

(Photography by Justin Slee)