Services Involved

First Direct Exhibition

A series of initial concepts exploring a variety of temporary and permanent interventions inside the offices of First Direct, on behalf of Logistik Ltd.

The ideas aimed to engage the staff with 21 Firsts (part of the overarching concept for First Direct’s 21st Birthday) and reinforce the First Direct brand – designed to make staff think and make them smile.

A number of examples were developed, which ranged from very simple, low cost executions through to more elaborate concepts that took the internal brand communication to a new level.

In addition to interior concepts, the use of the external environment was also explored in order to create a series of unexpected brand experiences. The members of staff had become accustomed to seeing the brand brought to life around their workspaces but the fabric of the building and the external grounds of the offices gave a fresh opportunity to engage staff and visitors alike. This enabled a continuous story to unfold as you travelled through the workplace environment.

Work included:

  • Exhibition Design
  • Fixture Design
  • Interior Styling
  • Component Detailing
  • Specification Documentation