Services Involved

Farrow & Ball Retail

A new concept store for Farrow & Ball, designed to ‘inspire people through timeless colour’. On behalf of Resolution Interiors, a unique and considered experience was developed that connected with the brand’s strategy and personality, being authentic, crafted, beautiful and current with a sense of quality at the heart.

The process involved the production of a retail strategy to form the base foundation of the concept, including the development of the customer journey and production of the key design principles. This then allowed a series of varying top level concepts to be explored prior to the development of the preferred route and individual store components.

The design provides a solution that can be easily deployed across varying store formats whilst retaining the same core look and feel and maintaining brand consistency across the high street. The overall look creates a classic, curated experience whilst providing inspiration and being reflective of the iconic and witty nature of the Farrow & Ball brand.

The concept has currently been installed in Beaconsfield, with Bristol to follow shortly, and future plans for roll out in the UK and possibly North America.

Work included:

  • Retail Strategy
  • Customer Journey Planning
  • Product Placement
  • Customer Profiling
  • Design Principles
  • Interior Design
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fixture Design
  • Interior Styling
  • Store Planning