Butlins Centre Stage Leisure

Refurbishment of the Centre Stage Arena in Skegness, complete with floating-effect mezzanine floor, on behalf of Logistik Ltd.

16 metre foundations were drilled into the ground and a 18 metre x 41 metre steel structure was placed inside the 16,500 square foot entertainment venue in less than three weeks, while the arena remained open for public events at the weekend. The structure formed the basis of the brand new mezzanine floor, which was carefully designed and constructed to give the impression of a floating floor, together with the reconfiguration of the venue entrance to improve access due to the increased arena capacity.

The new mezzanine floor accommodates 205 seated VIP guests, incorporating a raised seating area to give the VIPs an optimum viewing platform, with frameless glass balustrade to ensure a clear view of the performance stage below. A new bar servery, including bottle wash and store room were installed, along with dimmable lighting, new speaker system and colour-changing LED lighting to enhance the stage area.

Work included:

  • Interior Design
  • Fixture Design
  • Interior Styling
  • Site Surveys
  • Design Intent Drawings
  • Component Detailing
  • Specification Documentation
  • On-site supervision, overseeing the progress of works
  • Off-site supervision, overseeing the manufacture process and prototype development
  • Overseeing and production of snag reports