The Weather Cafe, Leeds


The Weather Cafe is a 3 week art installation located on The Headrow just opposite the Leeds Art Gallery. Created by David Shearing, it is a wonderful, immersive space, not to be missed. As described in the booklet you receive on arrival,

“Inspired by the day’s weather conditions, sound, light and wind inside the cafe respond to the shifting winds, the rising and falling humidity and the visibility of the outside. Together with its own spontaneous weather happenings, the space plays host to a chance-based microclimate. The voices you hear have been taken from over 100 interviews with people living in and connected to Leeds; the aim is to provide a snapshot of the current mood of the city. The moods have been grouped into six generative musical movements:

stillness, outlook, unsettled, now falling, fragile and humilis.

The Weather Cafe offers a unique environment in which to reflect, be still an drink tea.”

It is an experience that taps in to all of your senses, allowing you to step away from the hectic world outside and enter a calming and contemplative environment thats transports you to a different place. You become connected to city in a new way whilst listening to the interviews and watching the outside world pass by. Each experience of the installation is unique, it could be raining, windy or even cloudy. Definitely a reason to visit a few times and the tea is also pretty good too!