Strategy Case Studies


Before starting the design concept, developing a solid strategy that ensures a careful and considered end result is key.

Customer Journeys and Product Placement:

Through analysis of your existing customer journey, looking at circulation, sales and brand awareness and connection, used alongside your brief, a new customer journey that helps develop brand relationships and interaction with the customer is created. This helps to increase sales through more informed product placement, and the knowledge will help to improve the overall experience for your customers.

Customer Profiling:

Taking an in-depth look at the people who interact with your brand. Undertaking field and desktop research into your target customer groups ensures that they are fully understood – not just as a number or a stereotypical type, but as a person, including personality, social circle, motivations and key drivers, impacting trends and ultimately their connection with your brand.

Design Principles:

Defining how your brand will come to life in a physical environment. This process establishes a guide that all aspects of design, marketing and operations refer back to, ensuring a holistic approach from start to finish, for today and in the future.