Discovering New York City – Part One

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Earlier this year, I visited New York for the very first time and I was completely blown away! It is definitely a city I have fallen completely in love with, from the amazing retail through to the character of the place itself. Take me back now!!

I was literally in retail heaven. Exploring both Brooklyn and Manhattan, which are very different but both amazing places, I would definitely recommend visiting Williamsburg which is a hotspot for some great independents.

Every retailer I saw in New York made that extra special effort to create a great and memorable experience. The attention to detail was staggering, from the window displays through to the fixtures and fittings and even the street art, I was pretty much overwhelmed but I am desperate to get back as soon as possible.

As you can imagine I took loads of photographs, so I have broken the post in to a 3 part series.

The first part showcases some of the amazing retail sights of Manhattan, focusing on 5th Avenue, the ultimate retail Mecca! We also briefly visited Cookshop in Chelsea, before strolling back along the High Line.

5th Avenue is glamorous, exciting and is literally retail eye candy! From the stand out shop front of Diesel and all the exciting window displays through to the Corn on the Cob street food stand, I was in heaven!

Here are some of my high street highlights…

5th Avenue





Street Food & Cookshop, Chelsea




A walk along the High Line




Stayed tuned for part 2!